Darryl Talley is a Hero of Mine


It’s easy to say that football players or athletes aren’t heroes. But people like Darryl Talley inspire us to do great things in our own lives.

Sure, he didn’t didn’t do battle in war or protect our freedom or saved someone from a fire. Heroes come in different forms and Darryl Talley taught us what hard work and determination can do to make a difference. This can be applied to the struggles each of us face.

The impact he had on my life and others who remember the Buffalo Bills teams from the Super Bowl era of the 90s is something truly special.

When I read the story in the Buffalo News of his post football career troubles, I cried.  Why? Darryl Talley represents the crazy will and determination that is Buffalo. He was the soul of the Buffalo Bills when he played and the soul of our city. The can do attitude in a place where the outside world had written off. He is the all of us who struggle to make things better in Buffalo. And now he needs us more than ever. We rally behind him because he is a Buffalo hero…down but never out.

I love this video.

You can help the Talley family…click here to find out how—>

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