Florida Panther Video and Misplaced Outrage

It is easy to be outraged about almost anything it seem nowadays.

Such was the case Saturday night as the Florida Panthers played the above video on their jumbotron before they played our Buffalo Sabres. After the video was shared on Facebook, outrage ensued on Social Media. Everything you can imagine was said about the video because it included images of WNY’s recent SNOvember storm. A lot of people thought it was classless because people died, homes were destroyed, etc.

The first thought that popped into my ByrdBrain was how could we could criticize the Florida Panthers for parodying our weather while locally we did our own share of parodying the storm.

Here is an example. It is a parody of the song “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen done by our own convention and visitors bureau. I think it is awful.

There were countless other photos and videos that made light of SNOvember. If people want to rip the Florida Panthers, it is misguided. They were essentially doing what a lot of us were doing with the storm.

612 Lighten Up Francis copy

Lighten up Buffalo.

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