Listen Democrat asses, you need to stick together

democratListen. I know it is easy to get really passionate in the primaries over who you want to get nominated to run for president as a Democrat in November. I know you really want to let the America know you #imwithher or that you #feelthebern. That’s all great and wonderful.

What not forget is that you are all on the same side. Following along on Twitter last night as I decided to watch my favorite hockey team instead of the debate, it was crazy. I understand you have an ass in the race, but neither Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton are the enemy. Yes, there are differences between both. Yes, you want to see one over the other. But the long game here is to make sure that either will have your support come November. That will be the most important part after the dust from the primaries clears. You need to remind yourself that the alternative to either Sanders or Clinton is someone who scares the hell out of you.

Oh, and don’t think for a second that GOP isn’t trying to work its magic to get you hating Bernie or Hillary before the primaries are over. They don’t want you to vote in November. They want you to be pissed and disillusioned. They want you to stay home.

Stick together!

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