My 5¢: It has been warm out edition


When will the hurting end?

As the Pittsburgh Penguins just went up on the San Jose Sharks two game to none in the Stanley Cup Finals, the Buffalo professional sports hurt started creeping into my brain. It always happens at one point or another while watching a playoff hockey or playoff football. I start thinking about if the Bills or Sabres will ever win it all. The missed opportunities for both teams start replaying in my mind. A knot hits the stomach. Then realization really hits that I may never see either team bring sports glory to the B-lo. I don’t know how many rebuilds or missed opportunities left on the clock for me. As I approach fifty years on the planet, the possibility is very real, and it hurts.

Think about this

Each and every month

When a new month arrives, I promise myself that this is the month where I will start blogging here regularly again. Hello, June. Will you be the special month in which I stop breaking promises? You can do it.

Speaking of sports


Before the NHL skated into town, the AHL’s Buffalo Bisons were the game in town. In their thirty year existence, the team won the championship five times. But if you look around the First Niagara Center’s rafters, there is nothing hanging there honoring the team and its legacy to professional hockey in Buffalo — that’s a shame.

I am going to write a letter to Buffalo Sabres proposing the idea of placing a banner in the rafters to commemorate the team and the team’s championships. It makes a lot of sense, and should have been done long ago. Stay tuned.

The silly season

What a crazy ride the presidential election cycle has been this time around. The nervous part of my brain can’t even register the thought of someone like Donald Trump having a legit shot of parking his ass (and hair) in the White House.

The positive thinking part of my brain wants to believe that there has been some great awakening of the electorate. That maybe we’re all just fed up with how the Democrats and Republicans are running the show. That both parties need to be shaken at their core. But Donald Trump cancels the positive. I begin to think that this is what we have become. It’s scary.


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