Photo Gallery: The Sloan Reservoir

If you follow my blog or follow me on Facebook with any regularity, you know one of the places I post about is Sloan, New York. It’s a village that borders the city of Buffalo’s Lovejoy neighborhood to the east. The village was primarily established to support the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad’s presence in Western New York. Sloan is named after the railroad’s longtime president Samuel Sloan.

The Sloan Reservoir was created to service the rail yards near it. It sits in a triangle area hidden from public view. Railroad tracks used to surround it, but were removed decades ago.


The first time I went to the Sloan Reservoir was in the 1980s. A friend from high school who lived in Lovejoy introduced me to it. I’ve been a frequent visitor to the reservoir ever since. In the 1990s, I lived in Lovejoy not too far from it.

The old rail lines are trails surrounding the reservoir now. It is accessible from Lovejoy Street where the street turn into Sloan. You walk up hill that used to support an old rail bridge, follow the path, and you are there.  The Sloan Reservoir is a unique urban habitat for wildlife. As when I first visited in the 1980s, you will find neighborhood kids hanging out there. I must warn though that area is owned by railroad still.

These are some of the photos I took at the reservoir on 06/07/2016.

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  1. I grew up in Sloan in the 1950’s and 1960’s.Your pictures were alot of fun to see!

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