And then it hit me

This presidential election is like nothing I have ever seen before in my life. Between the craziness of having Donald Trump as a candidate and having the craziness that follows Hillary Clinton around, the race for the White House is well, crazy. Add in the 24/7 news cycle, social media, agenda driven faux news websites and blogs, the craziness has infected virtually everyone.

I came home from work and wanted to get a rundown on the news from CNN. After turning on the TV and clicking my way over to the designated channel, all I got was a screen full of Trump and Clinton surrogates arguing over something stupid. And then it hit me. I’m starting to check out from paying attention to this election cycle.

It’s not that I don’t understand the importance of the race. Being on the left side of the political universe, the race means a lot. But I just can’t take all of the banality involved from here to election day anymore. It’s not political theater. It’s a bad circus. It sucks.

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