ByrdPhoto: Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Buffalo

Our Lady of Lourdes church sits at the corner of Main and Best Streets in Buffalo. It was closed by the Buffalo Diocese in 1993. The church always attracts my attention when I am in this part of the city. This photo was taken in summer of 2013 after visiting my mother who was in Buffalo General Hospital as a patient. The timing was perfect because I caught the church right before sunset.

The building is currently in a state of flux and is vacant. The buildings owner, as listed by Preservation Ready Sites, is 9274 Group, Inc. a company under Ellicott Development. With the medical campus growing, I hope it is only a matter of time before we see this treasure brought back to life.

Here is photo…click on image for full view.

Here is a history of the church from the website Buffalo Architecture and History. It is a great resource.

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