Coyote Ugly for the Sabres

I rearranged my whole afternoon to watch that!  I want my afternoon back!

You know it is going to be bad when you are just settling in your favorite chair and the Sabes are in the hole 1-0…

Buffalo has just won once in the last 13 games…this team screams shake-it-up…whoever is in charge down at the Sabres home office in HSBC Arena are you listening?  I don’t care who it is…do something…I am beyond just hoping things are going to turn around…a full month since the last road win…u g of l y…

One thought on “Coyote Ugly for the Sabres

  1. I admit, I’ve come around to the idea that not only should a trade happen, but it should be a pretty significant one. However, I don’t think that one will happen within the next week or so, and no it’s not because I think Darcy is incompetent (he’s not).

    Think about what guys are the “leading candidates” to be shipped out:

    1. Connolly: He’s hurt, so he wouldn’t be traded until he’s playing again.

    2. Max: See Connolly. Besides, Lindy said this morning on WGR that neither of those guys are even skating now.

    3. Campbell: I really think that they’d be able to get a LOT for him, but only closer to the deadline. Maybe, maybe there’s a team out there that’s looking to start moving up the standings NOW (*cough* Chicago! *cough*), but a team in that position is most likely trying to build more for the future and wouldn’t be willing to give up too much young talent in exchange. But when it’s deadline time you get:
    A) really good teams looking to give up lots of good prospects in order to become a dominant team and win now (maybe SJ, VAN, MIN? heck, maybe Anaheim wants to have a ridiculously good blueline?),
    B) marginal teams desperate to make the playoffs who give up waaay too much to do it, much like how Atlanta traded Coburn for Zhitnik last year and how NYI traded everybody for Smyth (I’d lump at least a dozen teams in this group), or
    C) floundering teams looking to rebuild around Campbell and are willing to give up someone in order to have a chance to get him on a new contract before July 1…. sorta like Philly getting Biron last year except Campbell is worth more than Biron (LA, Tampa, maybe Edmonton?)

    Outside of those three guys, anyone else we’d deal away would be a Zubrus-like, marginally impactful rent-a-player like Kotalik or Kalinin. Those deals happen at the deadline too.

    Then again, Darcy is known to make the most unexpected moves at the most unexpected times (and they usually work out pretty well too), so what the hell do I know?

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