Dear Hockey Gods

Dear Hockey Gods,

The Buffalo Sabres are coming off a bye week today. They’re heading into the last quarter of the season, and they’re still in the playoff hunt. This is where you come. It’s been six years years since the Sabres made the playoffs. Buffalo needs your help. What I am going to ask of you isn’t something unreasonable. Please muster up whatever power you have to get them into the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Hear me out. Buffalo is a hockey town. We have stood by the Sabres through all kinds of turmoil during the last decade or so…bankruptcy, potentially losing the team, shitty slug-like uniform makeovers, tanking, etc…Sabres fans need this. I’m okay if they don’t win the cup. What I really want for Buffalo is to feel the excitement of the our hockey team in the playoffs again. That feeling is pretty special.

Can you help the Sabres out?

Thank you,




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