My 5¢: Three Months Later Edition

Three Months Later

Three months. That’s how long since I’ve posted here. I’ve attempted to reboot my personal blog for-like-ever. All that has amounted to is a whole heap of fail. So here I sit trying to restart again. With little or no faith in myself, I won’t be surprised if another three months pass before I’m typing something similar here. So it goes.


It’s been a little over four months since Donald put his hand on the bible becoming leader of the United States. In my entire time on the planet, there has been no period like these four months where I’ve feared for the future of our country. Part of me gets why he was elected. Another part of me doesn’t.

It’s not just about Trump. I get this sense that the soul of our nation is at stake. Are we going to be the country which has evolved since 1776. The country that looked to better itself each step of the way. The country that learned from its mistakes and righted its own wrongs. The country that other countries looked to for inspiration on liberty and freedom. Or are we going to be the country that the world moves away from and we away from it. 

Sabres and Bills

I have no faith that either team will ever win a championship. I am excited about the changes both teams made in the off season, but this is Buffalo.

The Broadway Market

The Broadway Market could have geese of the golden egg laying variety for sale year round, but people would still only support it during the weeks leading up to Easter. There is no public market locally like it.

The current building housing the market has been around since the 1950s. The physical site of the market has been operating as the Broadway Market since 1888. It’s historic.

People tend to look to redevelopment of the Central Terminal as the key to revitalizing Buffalo’s Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood. I believe redevelopment of the Broadway Market is equally important. If the market was a year round destination, it would create offshoot opportunity for new businesses around the market. It would help revive a business district that once was as busy as downtown Buffalo.

The city of Buffalo, owner of the Broadway Market, needs to up its game there. It needs to transform the market into a regional destination. 

What can you do to help the Broadway Market, visit it outside of the Easter season.

Heck, they have a cool coupon book available for the summer that you can use for motivation, click here to download—>

Black Sabbath

Tomorrow night I will be attending a Black Sabbath tribute night at Nietzsche’s called “Gathered in Their Masses:Sabbath Night for Pawsitives for Heroes.”

From the Facebook event page:

Black Sabbath Music tribute night by some of Buffalo’s finest. $5 cover. Basket Raffels, Trivia, Prizes and 50/50 auction. All proceeds go to Pawsitives for Heroes. Bands performing this year are: The Venomus Saint Clair, Rat Salad, Trashed Zeros, Wack Sabbath, Metal Maiden, DDT and Tony Derosa.

It’s a great event for a great cause.

Black Sabbath is my favorite band ever. I attended this event last year. The bands are top notch.

Facebook event page:


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