Chewbacca, Big Bird & Tony Reszko

Since Matt Drudge dug up a photo of the Clintons and Tony Reszko, more pictures have been surfacing…the above was sent to me from a person who has been following Reszko around trying to dig up more dirt on him for years…both Chewbacca and Big Bird have been connected to some of Reszko’s shady deals.

For Chewbacca…Chewie bought a warehouse in Cairo, IL at $250,000 less than the market value…the warehouse currently houses the Millenium Falcon and used to be owned by Reszko’s aunt’s dog’s veternarian’s cousin.

For Big Bird…BG got in on a nest deal worth more than $2,000,000 in El Paso, IL.

Wow…I wonder who else has had dealings with Tony Reszko?

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