Buffalo is ‘The Natural’ again

I tried really hard to get tickets to last night’s showing of ‘The Natural’ at the North Park Theatre  as part of the TCM networks special Backlot presentation of the 1984 classic with director Barry Levinson LIVE and IN-PERSON! I failed, but I couldn’t help thinking about all the lucky people who made the cut and got to go. It looks like it was a wonderful event. 

Here are photos from the Buffalo News and from Facebook of the event.

I love the Buffalo’s War Memorial stadium is immortalized because of the film. The place was my field of dreams. I worked at the stadium the summer it was filmed selling programs for the Bisons during baseball games. It is something I will never forget.

The movie celebrated old Buffalo cool before it was cool to do so.

To read more about ‘The Natural’, click here—>

Roy Hobbs!

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