The media ObamiNATION

First…I like Barack Obama…though I haven’t been sucked into chanting “Yes we can” along with the TV everytime Senator Obama gives a speech or is shown at a rally like others have, I think he would make a fine President.


What is the deal with the media?

I know I am not the first who has written about the media’s influence in the Dem race for the to run for the White House.

Heck…even Dan Abrams of MSNBC calls the media into question.

I agree with his assertion that the insider political media want a horse race and don’t like Hillary Clinton…we have nine months folks…if the race was said and done, the media wouldn’t get much mileage in building up the general election in November this far out…and…what a way to stick it to HC.

It does make you wonder if there is a concious or unconscious effort by the media to build the race and if the effects of it can already be seen. It makes me wonder. With the way political races are run nowadays, it would be stupid to think the Obama or Clinton camps don’t get it…they do.

The mainstream media is a powerful…we only have to look back to how Howard Dean’s scream in 2004 basically sent his campaign into a tailspin aftert it was replayed over and over and over again…essentially painting him as some sort of crazy.

The media sells…who’s buying?

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