Slideshow: Forsaken

As happens, I was originally going shoot up something this Sunday, but as I was making my way down Sears Street to 8:30 AM mass at Corpus Christi from Peckham, I recalled another idea I had for slideshow some weeks back when it seemed to me at least that the number of vacant and abandoned properties on Sears and Clark Streets exploded out of nowhere…so I took pictures of all the vacant and abandoned properties on both streets…27 properties to precise.

As is the usual for me, very depressing…why…because I know a lot of these homes are lost forever.

When I take pictures of abandoned places, I think of the stories that each must have…stories of people’s lives…memories, etc. which will fade away forever.

[Click here for hi-res Windows Media version…a lot, and I mean a lot better than YouTube.]

[originally posted on B F A]

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