My Five Cents: The Bend Over Edition

$4.00  a gallon for petro not too far away

$4.00 a gallon nationally = $4.30 in WNY

Bend over…

$500,000,000 for Canal Side

Bend(erson) over

Cold Case Detective Suspended

The whole DeJac mess makes me question our local law enforcement officials’ understanding of what justice is.  The newest twist is Dennis Delano’s suspension.

It just keeps getting uglier and uglier.

Local TV News

Why even bother tuning in?  I lack the sense of a normal person and like a guinea pig hitting the feeder bar at some lab, I keep tuning in…the overkill on certain stories…the stories that are non-stories, etc…etc…etc…I JUST WANT THE NEWS!!!

And finally…

Towards the end of February I get that spring itch…the cold is getting old…I am ready for spring!

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