H.McCarthy Gipson and Sandy Beach go at it on WBEN today

Buffalo Police Commissioner H. McCarthy Gipson calls WBEN's Sandy Beach to discuss the suspension of Detective Delano. Police Commissioner Gipson Calls Sandy Beach show today

If you didn’t catch this, check it out…the exchange between Gipson and Beach regarding Dennis Delano is wild…this whole situation gets crazier by the day.

3 thoughts on “H.McCarthy Gipson and Sandy Beach go at it on WBEN today

  1. Big mouth Sandy?

    It seems to be about power and control issues – the refusal of the administration to treat responsible adults as such, which is not unique to the BPD. Also, being a “media star” is distinctly not allowed under rules which restrict who is permitted to speak to reporters. Can’t have the public being informed or anything.

    While I think Gibson made some valid points, this has been totally mishandled. If indeed everything was being done to investigate this case there would have been no need to go through an outside route.

    Evidently being a good, thorough detective is only encouraged in fiction settings.

  2. Hey Becky…I just found the whole exhange wild…I think you can file the entire situation under HOW NOT TO HANDLE SOMETHING!

    – – –

    As an aside, saw your blog in Buffalo Spree! How cool is that!


  3. On 3/5/08 at 6pm at City Hall there will be a hearing on the Buffalo Police dept. issues covering police brutality, policies, investigations and the Consent Decree that the BPD is currently under with the US Dept. of Justice. I hope the Commissioner will be there and be just as forthright as he was when talking to Sandy Beach.
    The Millions More Movement Buffalo Local Action Committee is very concerned about a number of issues that has not got the attention of the Delano situation but is nonetheless important to our community.
    Darren Gibson/(John Walker-Paroled) has been in Jail for 32 years for a crime that every reasonable mind can see that they did not commit, Judge McCleod says the evidence that exonerated is codefendant is there and should be used to free him. Channel 7 news did an investigation and called it “convicted without a case”. Where is the cold case squad on this.

    Police Officer Cariol Horne has be railroaded in what appears to be a cover up. Because at a clear personal risk she had the courage to intervene on Behalf of a citizen ( Just like Detective Delano). Her reward – she was brought up on charges and her job threatend. Soon officers will get the point and not work on behalf on citizens to protect there careers.

    Neal Mack – Unnecessarily beat up by police officers TWICE. Because he within his rights told police that they could not come in his house and go through his mail. ( a police officer asking to go through a citizens mail is illegal – no consequence to the violating officer). Whatever happend in the situation it clearly did not require NEAL MACK get a RODNEY KING style beating.

    We want to live in a city that is safe and has a police dept. that respects the rights and needs of its citizens. We hope the commissioner will come to the hearing and work with citizens to come up with solutions on how we work together for a safer city for all citizens.

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