Cue the Obamapologists…

I don’t know who to attribute the above to, but whoever you are…thanks!

After Clinton’s wins last night and flipping through some blogs this morning, I am concerned about a couple of things.

One…if BO should end up losing the nomination to HC, will his followers be able to cope with life afterwards?

Two…I made this observation a few days ago in the comments on a post of mine

There seems to be this pervasive feeling amongst Obama supporters that you are either with us or just shut the hell up…no criticism allowed.

For a candidate who is all about hope and change, he has a lot of supporters who are downright mean in his defense.

Think about this, all HC did last night was keep the wheels of her campaign from totally falling off.  She is still behind in the big picture.  I am sure her campaign will get a big boost from yesterday, but the race is BO’s to lose.

4 thoughts on “Cue the Obamapologists…

  1. If one is mean in his defense, he does so in response to offense, no? Sort of goes with the territory, I suppose.

    But ultimately, this “Obamapologist” (because we have to have labels) would be very distressed with a Clinton nomination. Simple as that. Could I “cope with life afterwards?” Sure I could. After all, I’ve coped with 8 years of Bush, haven’t I? And 8 years of Clinton before him? Fantastic. Let’s all “cope”.

  2. Coping with what has been in the White House for the last 8 years has been difficult for all of us, but it is a lot different than what a loss by BO will cause Obamaphiles to go through and cope with.

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