1962 and 2007

“I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me.”
                                    (Ronald Reagan – 1962)
                                  (Christopher Byrd – 2007)

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I thought about remaining or not remaining a Dem off and on in 2006-2007…the idea of leaving started to boil in my Byrd brain when I covered the 2006 election at Dem HQ downtown for WNY Media…election night was a wake up call for me…this wasn’t the party I signed up into back in 1985…couldn’t help but think about Ronald Reagan’s line…don’t get confused here, I didn’t become a Republican nor am I philosphically where Ronald Reagan was politically when he left the donkeys…I just felt something inside saying these guys/gals don’t really represent you anymore.

The shame of it all is that we are stuck with a duopoly in this country on the local, state and federal level.  The elephants and asses in power basically control the political landscape…they frame debate and discussion.  Any person hoping to work outside of these animals and become a force politically is doomed.


Buffalo Pundit wrote a post about Jack Davis today…Davis is going to run for the NY-26th district congressional race later this year…some local Dems are worried that he is going to screw up the race for Jon Powers…rightfully so…Davis isn’t a true Democrat…heck, BP even calls him a Republican…maybe yes, maybe no…but because Mr. Davis really had only two parties to play with and a lot of money to throw into his own campaign, he knows he has a shot as a Dem to unseat Tom Reynolds (R) for congress…the Dems and Repubs will take people on who don’t fit the mold of their party because they have nowhere else to go and have the cash to make a splash…the locals Dem leaders like that in Davis…money talks and BS walks…this illustrates another dysfunction of being a duopoly.

Does the system work?  Some say it does…I say no…it would nice to have a few more parties with the clout both the Asses and Elephantidae have…more choice.

In the end, I just decided I didn’t need a “D” on my voter’s card to help make my mind up when voting.

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