The Bufalo Sabres and their fans are on one hell of a ride

you getting psyched for game one Saturday or what?
I do not know what the hockey gods have in store for us, but I do know this
Sabres' run will continue to be one hell of a wild ride!
My Sabres love started a year or two after Buffalo went to the cup for the
first time.  For a birthday, my parents got me a little transistor radio
that ran on static electricity.  If you don't remember this type of radio,
it came with a metal clip that was hooked into the radio that you attached to
another piece of metal to power the radio.  Soon after receiving this
present, I tuned in one night by chance to the opening moments of a Sabres' game
between the Buffalo and the

Cleveland Barons. Rick Jeanerette grabbed a hold of me that night and made
me a Sabres' fan.
Ever since then, I have followed this team through all the ups and downs.
Being a Sabres' fan is different than being a Bills fan, I don't know how to
explain it totally.  People will probably disagree, but In a lot of ways it
is like being a devout follower of a baseball team.  There is just
something more intimate about the relationship.
Enough of my Sabre love!
Here is a little video of 1st
and 2nd round images I put together.  Hope you enjoy!

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