The Sabres…

I know…the loss the other night to Ottawa was bad…but…if the Sabres haven’t lost it emotionally, they still have a shot to make the playoffs and I am not going to perform an autopsy until they are officially pronounced dead.

They are 5 points back of 8th place…12 points left to be had…let’s see what happens.

I also think it is time to kick out the below…

Motivational Sabres’ audio essentials…

Sabre Dance

Sabres’ Horn

Let’s Go Buffalo

Sabres’ Hurricane Theme (Scorpions)

Let’s go Buffalo!

One thought on “The Sabres…

  1. Love your blog!
    Have a question… where can I get the Sabre Dance and Hurricane Theme? I want to put them on my iPod. Give me something to look foward to all summer!

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