Maybe she can…

This Dem race for to run in November 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue continues to get even more interesting.

I am like some other pundits out there…I think Hillary is going to find a way to get the nod…but with the way the primaries were shaking out early on, I counted HC dead a long time ago…what do I know.

I have never seen a Presidential Primary with as much drama as it is with the Dems this year.

One thing I think is for sure, it is only bound to get more interesting before the race between HC & BO is done.

One thought on “Maybe she can…

  1. I know quite a few people that think she is going to figure out a way to become the nominee. For some reason, I have that feeling too. Either it’s because I have faith in Hilary, or the Clintons, or because I totally can not imagine Obama being the nominee. If Obama is the nominee he will lose so bad against McCain. I don’t even know if he will win NY, or Pa, or Ohio, or anything. He will probably win like 4 states or something including Hawaii and Ilinois.
    If Obama is the nominee, McCain is the president.

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