I miss the BUTCHER

The Butcher

Gosh…anyone who attended a Bison’s game at “The Rockpile” after the Rich’s took over the team in the early 80s remembers The Butcher…he would shag foul balls off the net behind home plate at War Memorial Stadium during games…a true Buffalo icon and a true Buffalo experience…if you have seen live, you know what I mean…if not, this overaged bat boy would wait for a ball to hit the net and run to catch as it rolled off…the crowd loved every minute of it…would cheer his successes and cheer his failures.

When the Bison’s moved into the new digs at Washington and Swan, a lot of folks were disappointed (I think the Bison’s were too) that the netting behind home wasn’t set up to keep The Butcher part of the Bison’s experience…soon after the 1988 season, The Butcher was gone…sad.

I read a Buffalo News article about him a few years back and what he is up to.  Now WGRZ has a story which is part of their “Where are they now” series about The Butcher.

A young C. Byrd had the opportunity to work with him in 1983 while I sold programs at Bison’s games…little did I know then that he would become part of Buffalo sport’s lore…

Watching the story was both sad and nostalgic…at one point Butch talks about how he never got over what happened when the Bisons moved to Pilot Field.

The Butcher should have his name on the outfield wall at Dunn Tire Park…or…the Bisons should have the netting redone behind the plate to allow The Butcher to comeback…at least for a night.  🙂

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