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Senator Hilary Clinton is urging the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation to give “full consideration” to the Broadway Fillmore Neighborhood regarding their application to become a Preserve America community.

From the release: “The Broadway Fillmore Neighborhood has played a pivotal role in the history and culture of the City of Buffalo,” said Senator Clinton. “Since the 1880s the neighborhood has helped to define Buffalo’s national identity and cultural heritage, and it is home to renowned and historic architecture. Naming the Broadway Fillmore Neighborhood as a Preserve America community would help preserve a piece of Buffalo’s culture and tradition for future generations of Americans.”

In a letter to Ronald Anzalone Director of the Office of Preservation Initiative, Preserve America Communities and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, Clinton pointed out the rich Polish-American heritage of the Broadway Fillmore community on Buffalo’s East Side. In particular, Clinton stressed the important part this neighborhood played in the development of Buffalo as a manufacturing and industrial giant, followed by the eventual economic decline that has left large parts of the community suffering today.

The letter further states: As a designated Preserve America community, the Broadway Fillmore Neighborhood and the City of Buffalo will be able to preserve the rich culture, architectural history, and diversity of this area.

Broadway Fillmore Alive’s (BFA) co-founder Christopher Byrd is happy about Clinton’s efforts, saying, “This is something we’ve known all along, and the history of this neighborhood speaks for itself.”

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If B-F is selected by Preserve America, it shall be huge…I was running around all excited on Wednesday!!!  I know Hillary gets her share of grief from the locals, but she has always been kind to neighborhood efforts in B-F…

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