99 Fast Food

I saw this in the Buffalo News today and thought it worth blogging…

If you were ever to the original downtown location and didn’t know 99 Fast Food moved or if you have never been, all rejoice & eat.

From the News

The glory of 99 is its beef noodle soup, consistently the best Vietnamese pho in Western New York. It costs $5.50 to $8.50, depending on how much you want and what you want served in the simmering beef broth, rice noodles, herbs and scallions.

The broth alone is worth the trip, rich and faintly sweet, redolent of star anise and ginger. Pho tai includes paper-thin slices of ribeye that are added raw but quickly cooks in the hot broth. Other additions can include well-done brisket, and chewy meatballs. Pho dac biet is the ultimate combo, including a bit of everything, including tripe and tendon


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