Gay marriage, straight marriage, curved marriage, etc…

I hate when people somehow equate being gay to being some sicko perv…there are sicko perv heterosexuals, homosexuals, asexuals, etc.

There are sickos who fly in all directions…ok…got that out of the way.

I have mentioned this before on my blog…I have no issues with people who want to marry and are the same sex…heck…if you want to be polygamist because that is what you are into, go for it as long as you don’t force some 13 year old girl to marry you.

The issue of gay marriage has sprung up again because California’s Supreme Court has lifted the ban on gay marriages in the state.

It wasn’t too long ago mixed marriages based on race were a no no…what we are seeing isn’t an attack on the sanctity of marriage…we are seeing the evolution of us as the human race.

If people are in love and want to be joined through marriage, let them do it.

I think the problem comes with mixing in the religious aspect marriage…holy matrimony.

Churches, faiths or whatever can still do what they want in terms of marriage.  If they don’t want to accept the a marriage that falls outside of what they consider right and wrong, so be it.  They will continue to perform marriages the way they always have.

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