Baseball been bery, bery good to me!

Well Chico Escuela, at least it was last night for me!

Major League Baseball’s All-Star game is probably the best all-star gathering in professional sports…last night’s 4-3 15 inning affair at Yankee Stadium did not disappoint in the least…from Tampa Bay’s rookie Evan Longoria driving in the game tying run during the 8th inning to Botson’s Jonathan Papelbon getting the business from the New York crowd…all of it good stuff.

Last night was a reminder as to why I love baseball.  The sport is just so different than any other pro sport…the in-game strategy from inning to inning…the pace of the game adds intrigue…the pitcher vs. the hitter…just cool.  I wish I followed it the way I used too…so it goes.

Still hard to believe that Yankee Stadium will be no more…fitting that this year’s all-star tilt was played there.

Oh…the AL won.

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