Alice Kryzan in Wonderland & reminder to Byrdself about Dan Meyer of Hamburg Sun. . .

…must check out his writing more!

Dan used to have a blog over at called Random Thoughts 101 and was an occasional guest of Kevin Hardwick on his “Hardline” show…Dan still writes…but since he is now outside the blogosphere, I don’t read his Hamburg Sun or WIN stuff as much as I should.

This is from his WIN column called Meyer’s Musings about the New York 26 congressional race

The three-way battle for the Democratic nod in the race to replace retiring Republican Congressman Tom Reynolds is piping hot, with supporters of both Jack Davis and Jon Powers taking turns blasting one another on various Internet message boards and blogs, with the online attacks portraying the no-love-lost between the camps of both candidates.

Alice Kryzan has been noticeably quiet in the weeks leading up to Sept. 9, which has me thinking that her campaign’s approach is of the “no news is good news” variety in light of the campaign controversies that have recently crept up on both Davis and Powers.

It made me wonder what Alice is up to…too bad she isn’t getting more pub in light of all the Davis/Powers poop slinging…it would have made this race even more interesting…it also makes me wonder why her campaign isn’t being more aggressive inserting her into the mix.

She could have parlayed their poop slinging into coming off looking like the candidate who is above the type of political campaigning same ol’ same ol’ we are seeing from Davis and Powers and made her a higher level player in the race.

3 thoughts on “Alice Kryzan in Wonderland & reminder to Byrdself about Dan Meyer of Hamburg Sun. . .

  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Sounds like Kryzan is finally getting into the campaign with a TV commercial that Kevin Hardwick says is dynamite.

    Go watch some boob tube and catch it and let us know what you think. I can’t wait to see it myself.

    Again, thanks for the compliment.

  2. Dan…you do good work with the Sun and WIN…the ad was great and timely…my guess is Kryzan has hardly any $$$ to do ads…she has sat back and let both Powers and Davis come off looking much like depicted in the spot…good move by her to get her face and name into the mix a couple weeks before the primary and she comes off looking like she is above the fray…will it work? Who knows…but how many options does she have at this point?

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