Alice Kryzan: “Boys, take it somewhere else.”

Last week I wrote a post about Alice Kryzan and her relatively low profile in the NY 26 Congressional Democrat primary race…Jack Davis and Jon Powers have been getting most of the pub.

Here is some of what I keyed

She could have parlayed their poop slinging into coming off looking like the candidate who is above the type of political campaigning same ol’ same ol’ we are seeing from Davis and Powers and made her a higher level player in the race.

Then yesterday, Dan Meyer alerted me to a new TV ad by Alice which basically does that…

I wrote this about it on Buffalo Pundit’s site and here.

…the ad was great and timely…my guess is Kryzan has hardly any $$$ to do ads…she has sat back and let both Powers and Davis come off looking much like depicted in the spot…good move by her to get her face and name into the mix a couple weeks before the primary and she comes off looking like she is above the fray…will it work? Who knows…but how many options does she have at this point?

It looks like the ad has had at least been effective in getting her more pub…the Buffalo News did a story today about it.

If I were her, I would do a follow-up ad in a week or so…this is probably the only chance she has to pull off the upset.

Will the first ad or any additional make much difference in the race at this point? At the minimum, she is going to pull votes away from both Davis or Powers. My guess is she will pull more votes away from Powers…if she does have a chance, it really is going to depend where Jack Davis is in the voter’s minds. Money and the ability to ads are one thing…people may just be sick of him.

If anything, the ad was humorous and makes you realize how ridiculous the sniping between Davis and Powers is. Kryzan’s ads give her a presence and people may be suffereing from (I hate this word) fatigue…Powers and Davis fatigue precisely because of the negativity between them in a year when “Change” is in…does this equal a shot to win…hey if your name is on the ballot, you have a shot to win.

4 thoughts on “Alice Kryzan: “Boys, take it somewhere else.”

  1. It’s kind of a funny ad for people following this [primary] race, but I’m sure Powers and Davis aren’t paying her much attention, save for the obligatory responses above. If it looks like she would have any serious spoiler ability, either campaign will trot out the phrase “Love Canal” and squash her political aspirations forever.

  2. Especially being on the side of companies who caused the damage…but I think she is going to pull some either way…I was surprised to see Walter Simpson endorsing her which makes you think the environmentalist crowd is taking her seriously…how many votes that is good for…who knows…

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