Crazy 24 hours in the presidential race. . .Palin steals the show

Ok…it started last night with Barack Obama giving his much anticipated acceptance speech as the Democrat’s pick to run for the White House…as I expected, the coverage for the event was over-da-top…I didn’t watch the speech live but saw it early Friday…it was truly a historic day for our country…the simple fact the a black man was standing before the nation accepting the nomination from a major party was incredibly…but for me, that is where my fascination with the event ended…the speech was what I have come to expect from not only Barack Obama, but bigtime politicians all the way around…for as much of the transformative figure he is portrayed as or sold to the masses…I still just don’t buy it and accept it for what it is.

Take this line from the speech

What the nay-sayers don’t understand is that this election has never been about me. It’s been about you.

Sure, not about Obama only about us…come on Barack…it isn’t even a tiny bit about you?

I have to give people like David Axelrod a lot of credit…he and the rest of Barack’s strategists have put together one heck of a campaign for Obama…will it translate into victory in November…who knows…two months is quite a long time in the political world.

Why I still don’t buy what Barack is selling is because it all seems quite manufactured for public consumption…give the people what they want.

Take this from a Ben Smith article I read today

As jittery Democrats urge Barack Obama to sharpen his attacks on John McCain, the Democratic presidential nominee faces a delicate balancing act: attacking McCain without damaging what Obama aides refer to as “the brand.”

“The brand” is Obama’s carefully tended image as a new, unifying and transformative figure, not just another politician engaged in petty political gamesmanship. And how to protect the brand is the subject of a key, running argument inside the Democratic Party and inside Obama’s campaign.

I am sorry…”the brand.”  In a world where everything seems to be branded, that kind of talk just turns me off.  Welcome to 21st century politics I guess.

– – – – –

The second big thing to happen in the presidential race came Friday morning in the form of Sarah Palin…a lot of people where saying “Sarah who” well into the afternoon…the buzz totally stole the thunder from Barack Obama’s stadium show.

The choice by McCain came out of nowhere for his VP, but I thought it was great move.

Why?  Alaska Governor Sarah Palin brings this to the table right away…

  1. A fresh and young political face to add to his campaign
  2. McCain now has his own change agent
  3. A Washington outsider
  4. From all accounts will appeal to conservatives
  5. Adds a “historic” element to campaign
  6. Will bring a lot more attention to the Republican National Convention next week
  7. Injects some energy into the McCain camp
  8. I mentioned this above but had to again…this entirely stole the thunder from Obama on Friday

It will be interesting to see how she is covered and portrayed by the media next week…especiall her acceptance speech.

And I thought the conventions were going to be a Y A W N…what do I know!?!?!?!?!

2 thoughts on “Crazy 24 hours in the presidential race. . .Palin steals the show

  1. The buzz stole barack’s thunder ? Come now. The buzz is people laughing their butts off as thi slady’s CV become more known. She’s a creationist kook and is under investigation for abuse of her office for openers go to bruceblog.wordpress for more i’t’s hilarious.

  2. I know you are an Obama supporter and though the last thing I want to happen is a McCain White House…in most of my politcal posts, I add my take on things objectively…

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