Holy Freakin’ Sarah Palin Part II

From a non-partisan point of view, I think Palin hit it out of the park tonight…she is Election 2008’s new political star.

Hold on…I must say something…

Keith Olbermann is so in the bag for Obama it is a disgrace…no objectivity at all.

Ok…back to Palin.

I know Obama supporters don’t want to admit it, but the focus of election is clearly on Palin and thus McCain.  I agree with a comment Becky made on my previous Holy Freakin post…

I think the Obama strategy right now has more to do with the “give ‘em a rope and let them hang themselves” line of thought. Rather than go on attack and possibly look judgmental, they just sit back and let it unfold.

Obama needs to let Palin roll for a little while and see what happens…if Obama and company goes on the attack right away, it could backfire.  I think McCain isn’t off limits but Palin is…with the media squarely focused on Palin, Obama should still go after McCain…put the focus back on the main man.

Honestly…I thought Obama had this race in the bag…polls show the race close, but Obama has led the polls through the summer…Palin and how she impacts the race are going to make things interesting.

3 thoughts on “Holy Freakin’ Sarah Palin Part II

  1. this is all just a booty show. bring some random leggy woman with loose kids out, show her around, and win the votes of millions of men who keep repuglican thugs in power. palin isn’t a vice president, she’s a repuglican style centerfold.

  2. Actuarial tables don’t exactly five McCain the best odds of making it too much further. Not opinionated but calculated as carefully as Jimmy the Boot can give you points on the Bills game. It seems to me that the focus on Palin is hinged on the supposition that McCain is going to have a recurring melanoma or an MI or some hideous metastasis that overwhelms him in months. But Dems aren’t really good at the fear card so I don’t see how this strategy will get them into the clubhouse. Sarah Palin strikes me as another loose cannon like McCain without half his cred or his experience so she’s an easier target. Why isn’t the Keating 5 an issue or McCain’s voting against unions and veteran’s benefits almost every time getting more play ? Peace.

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