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NY 26th Congressional Race

Looking back over the last few weeks (hindsight being 20/20) in the Dem race for the NY 26th, the writing was on the wall for both Jon Powers and Jack Davis…Alice Kryzan basically sat back and let both beat each other up for most of the summer…then…a couple of weeks ago she put out an ad that made her look more electable, above the fray, and a respectable alternative to either Davis or Powers…while most partsisan bloggers wrote her and her ad off, I thought it was a masterful move on her part and made her a player in the race…did I think she was going to win…no…but her ad did garner her some much needed pub…she neither had the money or support Powers or Davis possessed, but she a took a shot with what resources were available to her and it paid off.

I wouldn’t be all that surprised if she wins in November against Chris Lee.

Other Race impacting me…NY (61) Senate Race

Joe Mesi beat out two political types to gain the Dem nod to run against Repub Mike Ranzenhofer…Ranzenhofer is a political lifer…Mesi a former boxer…I am willing to bet that Mesi will probably win in November…I know he is weak on the issues, but the bottom line is that people like him and people rarely vote on important issues…he also has the backing of Tom Golisano’s Responsible New York group which translates into having big-money support…I don’t know whatever Ranzenhofer does can overcome that.

Just a few thoughts/questions

How do we change the political climate around these parts?  Is it even possible? Is there transformative leadership out there that can break the stranglehold of politics as usual?  I fear the answer is no.

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