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Da Bills…

3 and 0

Ain’t it exciting?

I was about to chalk-up yesterday as a loss…then the Bills took over the game in the fourth quarter…two weeks in a row where Trent Edwards took the team on his shoulders and said we are going win…I know I may be overreacting to the Bills start this year, but how can you not be encouraged by our boys in red, white and blue?

I know a lot of people weren’t happy when the team brough Marv Levy back a few years ago to put the franchise on a new direction…he is gone now, but the team has Levy feel to it doesn’t it?  Good special teams, character guys on all sides of the ball…the Bills may not be the most talented team in the NFL, but they certainly have developed a never-say-die attitude and it looks like they have assembled a TEAM of people who give it there all on every down.

Three games in…things are looking pretty darn good.

By mid-season, us fans should have a better feeling as to actually how good they really are.

Sun. 9/28 @ St. Louis Rams CBS 4:05 PM
Sun. 10/5 @ Arizona Cardinals CBS 4:15 PM
Sun. 10/26 @ Miami Dolphins CBS 1:00 PM
Sun. 11/2 NEW YORK JETS CBS 1:00 PM

The NFL is weird nowadays and though the schedule until the mid-point, anything can happen.


Da Economy…

Though I believe what we are seeing is bad, my gut has been telling me it ain’t as bad as what we are hearing and reading about.  Then again and admittedly, I don’t entirely understand what has been transpiring…but this is I how simply see it….the primary cause is the decision by financial institutions to ease up on borrowing standards resulting in consumers who could not afford a home any other way or an expensive home to be in over their heads resulting in bad mortgages.

Back to thinking it ain’t so bad…

I got this from The Moderate Voice

Starting with Unemployment.

Right now the unemployment rate is 6% but many claim that this understates the true rate so why don’t we be generous and double the rate to 12%. During the 1930s the unemployment rate approached 30% and was in the 20% range for years in a row. It didn’t drop out of double digits until the end of the decade.

What about Economic Growth ?

Right now the economy is certainly slow, but it is still growing at a rate of around 2-3% per year. During the years of the Depression the economy SHRANK by double digit figures.

What about Wall Street ?

The last week saw the stock market remain fairly even despite the wild swings but, to be fair, it has dropped around 20% in value over the last year. During the Great Depression, it dropped by as much as 80% in value.

How about Banks ?

During the Depression, we saw nearly HALF of the banks in the country fail completely. Today, even with the problems over the past year, the failure rate remains in single-digits.

How about Mortgages ?

Right now the foreclosure rate is under 1% nationally and in the worst-hit areas it is not much over 1%. During the Great Depression, the rate rose to as high as 50% of all homes under threat of foreclosure.

So things aren’t good, but we are far from going over the edge.

I also think either Obama and McCain are going to have their work cut out for them from day one as President.

Da Geo…

My beloved 1996 Geo Prism keeps going strong!  I did have to sink $400.00 over the last few days into it…but it is the best car I have ever owned.

Da Weather…

I love autumn…



See the above…that is HARDLINE WITH HARDWICK…I couldn’t listen yesterday…in the past, you were basically SOL if you missed a show…but…WBEN has beefed up their audio archives and you can listen online or download…good stuff.

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