Bisons. . .Mets help Buffalo Schools

The best part of the Bisons/Mets affiliation was when the Mets Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wilpon handed over a check for $25 thousand to Buffalo school’s James Williams for the Bisons High School Baseball Program.  The Riches and New Era are also to be commended in their efforts to jump start the city’s baseball program for schools.  The former site of War Memorial Stadium is being overhauled to become a first rate baseball field for the district…a new middle school development league is underway.

Couple that with the news of the district partnering up with the West Side Rowing Club to offer crew to city students, it was a good day for the district.

Being an alumn of city school sports including baseball, it has been sad to see what has happened to the district’s sports programs in the last 20 years…sports do add quality to the educational experience while growing up.

Partnerships like the above are ways Buffalo can help fill the void in what the district lacks and help improve the BPS.

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