From the Buffalo News

A federal agency has rejected the 567-foot-tall bridge that a binational design jury said should be built across the Niagara River, but cleared the way for a three-tower cable-stayed bridge about 400 feet tall.

And at the same, the agency said the Peace Bridge Authority can move forward and not wait for a two-year study.

“We don’t have to do a lengthy, time-consuming study,” Sen. Chuck Schumer told The News this afternoon. “It’ll be a signature bridge. That’s what we wanted.”

Could this be finally it?  Could we see a companion for the Peace Bridge in the not too distant future?

Something will go wrong…won’t it?

Fingers CROSSED…

I think Canada, especially Southern Ontario/Hamilton/Toronto can be a big part of the mix to help turn WNY around.


  1. This isnt the end. There is no end. There will never be a companion or signature bridge as long as I live (and I hope to be around another 40 years). Just wont happen. There are too many influential people in this city that dont want change. Change will affect their way of life. Think big fish in a small pond. Any change to that ratio is stiffled by those ‘big’ fish that know how to pull the levers that make things happen in Buffalo (or not happen). These are just facts. So, lets forget about the bridge.
    Lets think local:
    Instead of $98.5 million to a private, out-of-state company (Bass Pro) we should offer that money to small, local business. (max it at 250K) That amounts to investing in 400 local businesses. Local business keep their money in Buffalo. Which do you think would make the most impact to our region: one out of state big box or 400 local, small businesses? take a guess.
    Oh shit, those flipping ‘big’ fish are circling…

  2. Come on Tom…aren’t you the least bit skeptical that the PB companion will ever be done?

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