Best political quote of the week. . .

. . .comes courtesy of Noam Chomsky.

The United States effectively has a one-party system, the business party, with two factions, Republicans and Democrats.

As much as people want to believe in their respective Dem or Repub candidate to shake up America, the likelihood that Washington will largely remain politics as usual come January 2009 and the foreseeable future is pretty much a given.

2 thoughts on “Best political quote of the week. . .

  1. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with something Chomsky said.

    But of course, his position is probably far more anti-capitalist than mine.

    The problem isn’t capitalism, but the socialization of the markets by allegedly elected officials who feel compelled to help out their buddies.

    Until people band together and rebel against the one-party system, we’ll never see any real change … and that isn’t a left or right issue.

  2. Howard,

    The quote just struck as a very simple way to describe the duopoly which is our political system.

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