Of Asses and Elephants. . .


Really…I am sick of the race for Prez…the crap for all sides is simply comical…actually dark, sad comedy…the myriad of moronic posts in the blogosphere…the focus on everything that really doesn’t matter…I neither support Obama or McCain…both the asses and elephants will lie, twist, distort and ignore reality to obtain the White House.

My thinking is we lose…we being the American public…we lose regardless if Obama or McCain wins.

I caught this bit by Howard Stern which basically says it all.

So it goes…


2 thoughts on “Of Asses and Elephants. . .

  1. Remember when Nader said there was no difference between Bush and Gore? That was probably the most ignorant sentence uttered in modern American politics. I wouldn’t vote for Nader under any circumstances.

  2. I don’t think you will find a quote where Nader simply said

    there was no difference between Bush and Gore…

    That is merely paraphrasing his position and missing the point.

    Nader talked of there being few major differences between the Dems and Repubs and still talks about this.

    What Ralph Nader does is challenge people to look beyond the D or the R on their voter reg card and progressively challenge the politicians of both parties.

    There is also the fight against corporate control and influence in Washington…over 30,000 corporate lobbyists and PACS in Washington.

    And even though I think Obama would be better for the nation than McCain, neither will fundamentally change the political culture and how it does business.

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