Buffalo style PIZZA

I hate when people who move here from NYC think our B-lo pizza sucks…I’ll eat NYC style if I have too, but Buffaloza is great.

Our B-lo pizza culture is da bomb…don’t like it…TFB…move back to NYC.  🙂

Why should Buffalo try to be like some other city in terms of our food?  It makes us who we are.


One thought on “Buffalo style PIZZA

  1. My girlfriend and I decided to take the trip to Buffalo for the second part of our “Taste of Buffalo” tour. The first visit was because we won free tickets to a Sabers game, and Buffalo quickly became our second “favorite city”. (Syracuse was our first, and we haven’t toured Rochester yet.) The first time around, we enjoyed Beef on Weck and two different Buffalo-made hot dogs at Charlie the Butcher’s, wings at Duff’s, Loganberry juice, and a pastry heart at Wegmans. This trip included sponge candy, Ted’s, and Buffalo-style pizza. We expected the pizza to be piled high with toppings like some of the best pizzas we can find just east of Utica, and we ended up getting something even better. The crust was the biggest surprise. Just thinking about it makes me hungry, so I guess I’ll grab another piece of the leftover pizza. We look forward to multiple return visits to the Buffalo area.

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