Obama Presidency full of Clintonites

I don’t think it is too far of a strecth to think that with all the appointments of Clintonites to Obama’s administration it wasn’t part of some deal the President Elect’s camp worked out with the Clintons when Hillary gracefully withdrew from the race earlier this year…especially with the move of Mrs. Clinton being tapped as secretary of state.

Some will argue that the moves by Obama are him merely surrounding himself with people possessing White House and beltway know-how…that is the easy way to write-off the selections or make a case for them…but in Washington there is a price for everything…even for an incoming President.

One thought on “Obama Presidency full of Clintonites

  1. Except that there were a lot of Clintonites on Obama’s campaign staff, most notably among his foreign policy advisers.

    All of the complaints from progressives about his appointments so far make me think they weren’t listening when Obama said, “There is no red America and there is no blue America, there is only the United States of America.”

    I don’t think that was just a rhetorical flourish, but maybe many of his supporters did.

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