Buffalo Mayoral Race 2009

Next year’s big race is going to be for mayor in Buffalo…or is it?

It really depends on three things.

  1. Will Byron Brown be selected next US Senator from New York if and when Hillary Clinton steps aside for a position in the Obama administration?
  2. Will Len Lenihan and company back a serious candidate to challenge Brown and his coalition in the Democratic Primary if he is in the race?  (If by some chance Brown replaces Clinton, watch the flood gate of potentials open.)
  3. Will the Republicans attempt to take another serious stab at mayor’s office like it did in 2005 with Kevin Helfer?

I think #2 is the one to watch…if Dem HQ mounts any type of signifigant challenge to city hall, the race could get extremely interesting/ugly.  My guess is early into the new year we will start seeing the challengers line up…who the Dem challengers are is going to be the the thing to watch.  As of yet, I haven’t heard of any publically admitting interest.  It is going to be sticky situation for Lenihan…he has been preaching party unity, but you just know he would like to have one of his own in 201 City Hall.

One thought on “Buffalo Mayoral Race 2009

  1. An important race for all of WNY to watch. As the city goes, so goes the county, and pretty much all of WNY. I am pretty sure that Hizzoner will face serious competition from both inside and outside the party.Thanks to the Cutler/Casey twins, his administration lost a lot of its luster pretty quick.

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