Three Years after the Red & Green Erie County Budgets

Three years later…

Though the county may be in better fiscal shape than it was back in 12/05, the political games continue down at county hall.

I wrote this on Buffalo Pundit’s site earlier today

You know…the budget isn’t about us really…it is politics first and people second…the Repubs blame the Dems…the Dems blame the Republicans…in a perfect county world…both sides would quit the blame game and do what is right for the public and county…I applaud Buffalo Mark for telling us like it is or at least trying to…we need a clearer understanding of what the fiscal realities of the county are…what we get from the CE and CL is disappointing and shows lack of leadership…the type of leadership which is sorely needed in county hall.

The key word there is L E A D E R S H I P and the lack of.

Though a lot of the faces of changed since 2005, we still see the same crap we have been seeing for a long long time in county government…I am sick of it.

All I want is a county government that truly works for us…I can accept the not-so-rosey budget forecasts…what I can’t accept is the political games we see far too much.  Seriously, it is to the point where I really don’t know who to believe.

I vote people into office to do the work of the people…far too often my vote is squandered on people who only want to do what is best for them.

Buffalo Mark by the way is Erie County Comptroller Mark Poloncarz.  Even though he is a Dem, he puts the “D” aside when making budget assessments…he has been pretty much spot on with his analysis of what the realities fiscally are for county government.

The games…as they did in 2005…continue in county hall.

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