Content of their character

As I become more chronologically challenged, I wonder if I will ever see a day in my life when people are truly judged solely on who they are as a person rather than if they are a man or woman…black, orange, white or green…gay or straight…what gOD they worship or don’t, etc.

That is what I thought of when I read this today in the Buffalo News…the article is about Governor Paterson’s “outrage” over the lack of minorities and women in a group reccomended by a panel to replace the retiring Judith Kaye as the chief judge of the state’s highest court. 

I looked at the article from two angles…

  1. Should Paterson be upset because the group selected wasn’t diverse racially enough or didn’t include women?
  2. Did the panel really just choose a group that was the best qualified to fill the chief judge slot without consideration of race or gender?

A case could be made either way…just the fact that there is some question about the selction’s race and gender make-up shows society has a long way to go.

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