Time Warner to jump into local news business in Buffalo

Time Warner is going to start a local 24/7 news operation

If it is anything like NY1 (New York City) or R-News (Rochester) , it should prove to be pretty cool and a nice alternative to the over the air channels.

My suggestion to Time Warner…stick to the news…I would love a straigt up news station locally.

3 thoughts on “Time Warner to jump into local news business in Buffalo

  1. My home area (I’m a UB student) is served by Time Warner’s News 10 Now (Syracuse). It’s a very professional station, even if the news tends to get repetitive after awhile, but it’s a great voice for covering local news and one that WNY sorely needs.

  2. Hey — I’m glad you’re looking forward to it! We’re going to try as hard as we can to make something professional and up to the standards we’ve set with NY1 …

    -Jeff Simmermon, Director, Digital Communications
    Time Warner Cable

  3. Are you hiring local reporters for this position? How and where would a qualified candidate for your news station apply for a job with you?

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