Buffalo Bulls play for the MAC tonight

UB fight song… [audio:http://indabuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/ub.mp3]

I haven’t had time to do a UB Bulls post today to give a preview of the game tonight…all I will say is that I have this strange feeling inside that UB is going to win.  🙂

The picture above as well as the beginnings of the post below are from Love Without Nagel…I like the picture and I like his preview…

It is no secret that I am unabashed UB supporter and graduate.  These claims I cannot deny, I will however attempt to present a fair and balanced view of tonight’s game for my dear readers.  But, I cannot go much further without referencing some of the funniest UB ramblings on the Internet, which come from ubfan.com and specifically Hokie200Proof.  Here’s my favorite passage: 

“Lord Gill sits in his chariot, proudly surveying all that he had accomplished.  After three months of fighting, sweat and blood, Gill has 7 heads tied to his reigns.  The heads were once the prized possession of those who were foolish enough to raise armies against the will of Gill.”  [read full post]

GO Bulls…

Oh before I go, the local blogosphere has lit up a bit with the Bulls lately…good stuff.  🙂

After this season is over and with the kind of season UB has put on, it is my hope they will become a bigger part of the local sports culture…it will be good for Buffalo and UB.

Oh before I go go, check out this article from the Buffalo News…UB may just be on to something.


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