Making local governments smaller and efficient in NY

Why does it always seem that Erie County always leads the state in all the wrong categories?

With that said, check this out

Citizens would have an easier time mounting efforts to dissolve redundant layers of local government entities under a proposal offered today by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

With the state’s budget crisis prompting renewed efforts to cut the cost of government services, Cuomo’s plan envisions reducing some of the more than 10,000 local government entities — from water and sewer boards to special lighting districts within towns.

With 939 public bodies — not including authorities and school districts — Erie County leads the state, according to Cuomo’s office.

Wow…the model of inefficiency…don’t get me wrong, I am sure some of the 939 are needed, but I highly doubt that we need them all.

More from the article…

The plan by Cuomo is just the latest over the past decade to try to foster consolidation of government services across the state as a way to help lower property taxes.

The current state law is inconsistent, and often serves as a barrier to merging government entities, critics say. The Cuomo proposal calls for a sweeping new law that would be “clear, consistent and give citizens a uniform process across the various forms of government.”

Great idea and long overdue…

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