Upstate New York Congressional Caucus

House of Representatives from upstate NY have created their own brand spanking new congressional caucus to fight for the region.

I know Brian Higgins is our hip and shiny local congress type hero, but Louise Slaughter, who founded the caucus, doesn’t get the cred she deserves for the things she does for Buffalo and WNY.

Some of the reasons she wanted to put ths together…

“Because our economy is not getting any better and because every time transit money comes into New York State, it goes downstate,” she said, “[and] because we’ve got spectacular things that we need to work on upstate.”

A great idea to say the least and hopefully will bring more attention to WNY in congress and Washington.

A side story…I have met a lot of local politicians over the years, a lot come off as smug and arrogant…Louise is none of that.  What won me over with her was back in 2004 when I first started doing volunteer work for the Broadway Market.  She went out of her way to say thank you for helping the Market and actually gave me a hug…it was real and genuine.

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