Grading the Sabres season at the break

The Sabres get a “C” from me.

Though January has seen a positive turn in the Buffalo’s play, the loss to Tamp Bay on Wednesday was a reminder of the inconsistent efforts which have plagued Buffalo for much of the last season and a half.

I think the 2008-09 Sabres are only slightly better than the team that missed the playoffs last year.

How do I see it from here on out?  The roller coaster ride will continue for the Sabres…they will hover in the middle of the Eastern Conference…have some nice stretches and some not so nice stretches….hopefully the nice stretches will cancel out the not so nice ones and the Sabres will make the playoffs.

I know hoping for a trade of consequence is not something Sabre fans have come to expect, but if the roller coaster ride continues, it would be nice to see.

Nonetheless…GO SABRES!

Sabres audio to get oneself motivated for the rest of the season!

Sabre Dance

Sabres’ Horn

Let’s Go Buffalo

Sabres’ Hurricane Theme (Scorpions)

Let’s go Buffalo!

(PS: I don’t like the NHL All Star Game)

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