A lesson to learn from Michael Phelps’ bong hit

We live in a world where a picture, sound or video can be instantly shared with unlimited number of people…Phelps should have known better living in the fish bowl he has been in since the Olympics…but you don’t have to be a celeb to have something stupid you have done ¬†plastered across the www.

One thought on “A lesson to learn from Michael Phelps’ bong hit

  1. It’s not just stupidity one has to worry about. An even bigger issue with the Web is its inherent non-contextual nature. Data and images are simply there for the taking, so even something well-intended can be twisted into the newest meme. Authors (or photographers) can remain anonymous while their subject is being hanged by the court of public opinion.

    Obviously, illegal and dangerous activity is easy pickings. But what about the more benign stuff? When my son was 12 he and I used to fake the old “Smack the boy upside the head” and “Punch him in the gut” routine for various laughs at family get-togethers. I can only imagine how that might look today should someone record it on their cell phone for eventual Internet distribution.


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