It’s Canada stupid…

Caught this in the Business Section of the Bufalo News today…Expanded FedEx terminal in area is ‘gateway to Canada’

Federal Express is expanding its local operations to service an increasing number of shipments over the border into Canada.

From the article…

FedEx hopes its Buffalo sorting facility will become a gateway into Canada, where a booming Toronto economy is keeping its trucks full of packages. “The Internet has no borders,” said Bram Johnson, executive vice president for FedEx Ground. “We’re trying to align the physical border with the virtual border.”

Southern Ontario has a huge population base.  Think about the ride up to Toronto along the QEW.  From the Fort Erie to Toronto you are hard pressed to find any stretches that lack people.

Sitting next to one of the largest metropolitan areas in North America, it makes me wonder how much does Buffalo and WNY market itself as a gateway to Canada and Toronto in regards to attracting businesses.  When a giant like FedEx sees the potential for something big here in its relationship with Canada, this should send a message to our local leaders. To me at least, this should be at the top of the list or at list a close second as to how we sell the region.

There shouldn’t be any obstacles to Buffalo in becoming the epicenter of commerce between the US to Canada.  We are here and Canada is a stone’s throw away…we have many things in place and built in.

Let’s take full advantage of it!

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  1. Ya know, I’ve also wondered that about Canadian beer (yes, I think while drinking). Why are they bottled and distributed in places like Connecticut and Massachusetts (or wherever…I don’t have a bottle in front of me)? Why aren’t we taking advantage of the proximity to Canada in this way?

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