Sad Friday

I just couldn’t bring myself to blog at all Friday.

You see, hear or read about such tragedies in other parts of the country or world, but it doesn’t really sink in the way it sank in for me yesterday when it happens in your hometown.

It sank in even more when I received a couple of emails and a phone call alerting me that one of my schoolmates from Saint John Kanty’s in the old neighborhood had died in the crash.  Though the last time I saw the individual was at a 2001 twenty year reunion for our 1981 graduating class, I know he has a wife and children.  I couldn’t help but to think of them and their loss and just cried.  His name hasn’t been released yet to the public and I am not going to mention it.

Life is very fragile…it is times like these that make you take a step back and look at the ones you love in your life and realize how precious every moment you have with them is.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by this loss.

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