Tragedy brings out the best and worst on the internet

When the story started to unfold Thursday of the plane crash, I hopped on the net to check out the local reaction via local media sites, blogs, Twitter and Facebook.

There was a flurry of activity locally…Twitter lit up with numerous tweets about the incident…Facebook updates soared…local MSM sites used the net to enhance what they were covering in their traditional forms…local blogs were tracking the story as it developed…amazing stuff in the internet age and web 2.0.

The immediacy of what can be delivered online nowadays from commercial and non commercial sources adds to how an event is covered…with the net you get a more people oriented perspective…a dynamic which didn’t exist a short time ago.

With the unfiltered nature and immediacy of the web especially with social mediums like blogs, Twitter, Facebook and the like, you also get the bad…I was shocked and disgusted with some of what I was reading…people fighting on Twitter about the plane crash…people making sure they secure their hits with this tragedy…people sniping at each other on blogs.  I had to remind myself that the web allows people to simply be people and with that you get the best and the worst.

On local B-lo MSM…The Buffalo News, local TV and local radio stations have really started to deliver better content online…it’s evident throughout the last couple of days of how far they have come along over the last few years and are starting to embrace the net as a tool to deliver the news in a contemporary way.

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